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17.3 At the Soli-Darretty Bros factory, a project team has been put together by management. The team are

engaged in debating how they are going to approach the task, and who is going to do what. Some of

their first ideas have not worked out but they are starting to put forward some really innovative ideas:

they get quite excited in brainstorming sessions, and are uninhibited in putting forward their views and

suggestions. Factions are emerging, not only around different ideas, but around two dominating

individuals who always seem to disagree.

At what stage of Tuckman's group development model is this team?

A Forming

B Storming

C Norming


17.4 ______ are mental states (made up of thoughts, feelings and intentions) which influence an individual's response to all objects and situations with which they are related.

Which word correctly completes this definition?

A Personality traits

B Perceptions

C Attitudes

D Emotional intelligences



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