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小伙伴们,ACCA考试题库来啦!很多想要报考ACCA考试的考生,不知道该如何准备全英文考试,中公财经小编为大家收集的ACCA F3科目第八章练习题及模拟题,帮助大家更好学习acca,早日拿下ACCA证书。


1.A non-current asset (cost $15,000, depreciation $10,000) is given in part exchange for a new asset costing $20,500. The agreed trade-in value was $5,500. Which of the following will be included in the statement of profit or loss?

A. A profit on disposal $5,500

B. A profit on disposal $4,500

C. A loss on purchase of a new asset $5,500

D. A profit on disposal $500

2.The closing inventory at cost of a company at 31 January 20X3 amounted to $284,700.The following items were included at cost in the total:

1.400 coats, which had cost $80 each and normally sold for $150 each. Owing to adefect in manufacture, they were all sold after the reporting date at 50% of their normal price. Selling expenses amounted to 5% of the proceeds.

2.800 skirts, which had cost $20 each. These too were found to be defective. Remedial work in February 20X3 cost $5 per skirt, and selling expenses for the batch totalled $800. They were sold for $28 each.

What should the inventory value be according to IAS 2 Inventories after considering the above items?


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